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5 Beginner Tips for Mediation

Meditation is an ancient technique that has long been known to have a multitude of physical and mental health benefits for those who practice it. Meditation will help people to destress, gain more focus and perspective on your own mental acuity.

Unlike physical activity which can easily be picked up and practiced, meditation is a skill that needs to be worked on. Meditating properly does not occur on day 1 minute one, it requires consistent practice and guidance in order to be done correctly.

Here we discuss our top tips on how to start meditating, so if you need a break from winning with the perfect AFL betting odds you had – try our tips to lower your blood pressure again:

Tip One:

Only a Buddhist monk or some highly skilled meditation expert can sit down and meditate for hours. Start out with a few minutes, perhaps as much as 5 minutes. These first few attempts may seem like forever, so less is more when starting out.

Tip Two:

Have a reason for meditating, is it to destress or perhaps to quiet your mind? Knowing why you are meditating will help you focus on that specific goal and motivate you to continue.

Focused mediation can be a great help to those with excess stress or anxiety, as the focus required to maintain your meditative state will distract you from the stresses or anxieties in your life.

Tip Three:

Understand what the goal of meditation is – not to become zen and fully focused but the journey your mind takes to get there.

When you begin to meditate you need to become aware of your minds wanderings, and this awareness will allow you to redirect your mind back to meditation.

Being able to identify your thoughts is the only way to restructure those thoughts.

Tip Four:

You need to find a style of meditation that suits you, maybe a meditation class, maybe a guided download – each person is different.

You need to find a suitable technique for yourself and work with that.

Tip Five:

Incorporating meditation into your daily life can seem difficult and not attainable – do not set yourself unreachable goals. Remember that mediation is not sitting in a temple and remaining still for an hour. Meditation can be done while walking and opening your mind up.

Or it can be done for a few minutes before you go to bed – there are many ways to practice. So no need to feel like you are not practicing correctly, as even a few minutes of meditation is success.

How to start:

  • Pick a quiet time and place
  • Seat yourself comfortably
  • Do not meditate immediately after eating
  • Take deep breaths, remain aware of your breaths and the process of breathing
  • Keep a smile on your face (not a manic smile – just remain happy)
  • Attempt your chosen meditation style
  • When you end your meditation open your eyes slowly and gradually become more aware of yourself and surroundings.
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