Keep Your Swing Straight & Your Mind Calm

Achieving Consistent Positivity In Golf

It’s easy to remain positive while playing a game that’s going your way. You’re landing holes, you’re making a good pace, and everything seems to be going right.

It becomes more difficult when things aren’t going so well, the balls keep shooting into the wrong spot, the weather is unbearable, and you’re just not feeling it.

Staying positive on the course can sometimes be difficult, but positivity and perseverance is often the key to getting ahead. Make use of these easy-to-remember hints and tricks to remaining as positive as possible while out on the course.

Know When To Quit

This may seem counter-intuitive to the idea of staying positive while playing, but the truth is that sometimes stopping at certain points can be healthy. It’s important not to push yourself too much, especially if it’s nothing more than a casual game after an otherwise long day, and one that’s easy to walk away from.

Conserving energy and going into the next round with a better mindset can make a big difference as opposed to pushing on in a situation that you’re not comfortable with, and one that may just continue to ruin your day.

Positive Self-Reinforcement

There’s a truth to the notion that we tend to be our own biggest critics, and it can lead to self-sabotage that can ultimately cause us to lose focus and sometimes even interest in our hobbies and passions. The only way to really fight the inner voice that tells us negative things is by fighting back with another inner voice that offers a positive viewpoint instead.

If you miss a hole, rather than blaming yourself for being a bad player, rather focus on the idea that you will get better, and that every golfer sometimes misses the shots they were aiming for. Positive reinforcement is about changing your perspective on yourself and the world around you, and living with a more positive and rewarding mindset.

Focus Is Important

When a shot goes bad, we tend to immediately think of how it may affect our score, and it can lead us to feeling negative about the outcome of the game we’re playing. This can have a consequence of distracting us from actually working on our game, and instead force us to put too much focus on our scores and how we’re doing against our competitors.

Golf, like many other sports, is about improving as a player of time, which means working on personal mistakes and striving to be better, and can be applied to other pastimes, like instant play bingo Australia.

Make Use Of Positive Memories

Most players will have a specific memory of them doing something really unforgettable in their own career. Be it landing a really tough hole or winning an amateur event for the first time, the feeling of elation can be one that’s impossible to forget.

When faced with a negative situation, it can help to think back to the more positive feelings that were experienced during this happy memory, which can help soothe any doubts or negative feelings that you’re going through.

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