Keep Your Swing Straight & Your Mind Calm

Getting More Distance On Your Drives

There are many different techniques and strategies available to get better at golf, but one of the very best ways of improving your game couldn’t be simpler: hit the ball farther. This sounds easy enough to do, but some players spend years and even decades learning how to perfect their drives and gain serious distance on the course.

If you’ve been battling to obtain exceptional range on your drives, keep reading to learn some useful and simple tips that can help you gain more distance every time you practise.

  1. Strength Training

One of the first steps to take is to build up the strength in your arms. The idea here is not just to put more power behind the swing, but also to gain more speed per swing. Speed is a lot more important than many players realise, and the more speed that you can put into the club, the farther the ball will travel.

The easiest way to build this kind of strength and speed is by taking your 7 iron and swing it in reps of 10, taking small breaks in-between. On top of this, heading to the local gym to do some weight training as often as possible can make a noticeable difference to how far you’re able to hit the ball.

  1. Hand Arc

A longer hand arc has the capacity to really provide more distance with each swing, so it’s all about getting it right. The idea is to move your hands further back on the club, which will then give you a bit more power with each swing.

It’s also important to remember to not life your arms or the back of the club – your hands need to remain within a single position as much as possible. This might also mean having to turn your hips more on each swing as well as your shoulders. Many pros will also allow their left heels to come off the ground as they swing, which puts a bit more

  1. Better Equipment

For the golfer that has the money to spare, it can make a considerable difference to their game to simply upgrade their equipment. Instead of buying generic gear from the local sports shop, consider saving up by working extra hours or trying your luck with PGA betting, allowing you to get equipment that suits you physically in terms of length, weight, design, as well as material. In fact, material can make a big difference, but it also means a higher cost.

  1. Centre Contact

The centre contact is another important aspect that golfers will want to keep in mind as they work on their drives. It’s all about making proper contact with the ball, as hitting it in the wrong place can send it shooting off in the wrong direction, or not allow the golfer to put enough power behind the drive.

Consider spraying the club head before swinging and finding out exactly where the club is connecting and keep working on the contact until it’s centre on the ball and can reach better distances.