Keep Your Swing Straight & Your Mind Calm

The Top Reasons To Choose Golf As Your New Pastime

Golf is a game that just about everyone has heard of: a slow and thoughtful game that can take a number of hours to complete, a long shot from the fast paced and highly competitive world of rugby and tennis. There are a lot of aspects that make golf appealing, and it can be the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon while away from the family.

For anyone that’s having some trouble deciding on a new way of spending their time but don’t want to commit to a team sport, these are the top reasons that golf might be a good choice.

Decent Exercise

It’s pretty rare to find a golfer that’s in bad shape, and that’s because the sport requires that its players have to walk from hole to hole, which can add up to hours of walking. While golf carts are certainly an option, they can’t go everywhere on a course, and sometimes having to walk is totally unavoidable. The upside to this is that it’s a good amount of exercise without having to hit the gym every second day. And because most golf clubs are attached to bars and eateries, it’s possible to grab a light and healthy lunch before heading back out onto the course.

A Chance To De-Stress

The stresses of everyday life can catch up to us before we even know it. From the trials at work to looking after a family, life is packed with endless stresses and worries that we need to constantly give out attention. Getting out of the house and onto a beautiful course and having no other goal but to eventually get the ball into the hole at the other side, is a remarkably calming experience that has the innate ability to strip away all of our worries in just a single afternoon, similarly to the fun of eSports gaming sites. It’s proven by science that both exercise and nature are both reliable forms of stress control, and golf sits in a great position as its able to provide both without having to hike up a mountain.

Coupled with the quietness of a golf course, and it’s a recipe for getting rid of excess stress and starting a new week with renewed energy.

Golf Is Safe

One problem that many old sports players will attest to is the permanent damage that is caused while playing a more violent contact sport like rugby. Many of these injuries are so common that they have their own names, and it’s not uncommon to come across someone who says that they suffer from an old sports injury that they have been unable to get fixed. While there’s always the danger of getting hit by a golf ball, the sport is otherwise free of any violence or contact, and the slow pace means that everything is taken one step at a time. There’s a reason why ambulances can usually be found at popular rugby clubs but almost never at golf clubs.