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The Best Exercises For Increasing Stamina

Many think that golf isn’t quite as demanding as other sports, such as basketball or rugby, but walking for hours in the afternoon sun can put a toll on anyone’s body. Everyone has their own limit to their stamina, and when that limit is reached, it often means having to give up early and head home. Luckily, there are a number of different exercises that can be used to increase overall stamina, usually without having to invest in expensive home gym equipment.

Using Weights To Build Stamina

Our muscles are what keep us moving forward, which means that they’re usually the part of our body that gives our first after a long day of physical exertion. The only true and tested way of increasing muscular stamina is by lifting weights. Lifting heavier weights is better for those that want to build larger muscles, while those that want to increase their stamina will want to focus on lifting lighter weights, but at a lot more reps.

There are a number of different types of weights that can be found on the market, but usually two dumbbells is enough to build muscular stamina. Weights can also be paired with body exercises, allowing for more intense sessions that lead to longer times out on the greens, even if this only starts happening after a few weeks of exercising.

Cardio Exercising

Weightlifting is a good start, but many golfers might want to instead build their cardio using aerobic exercising. This includes some of the most common forms of exercising, such as walking, jogging, or cycling, or even using a treadmill while enjoying online bingo NZ. It’s advised to make it part of a weekly routine, where the golfer would spend at least 30 minutes of a day doing one of these three, or up to 300 minutes a week. It’s important to rest regularly as too much aerobic exercise can cause some damage to both joints and muscles. Variety is key when it comes to following a cardio exercise regime, which can mean employing a mix of high and low impact activities. An example of a high impact activity would be jogging, which puts pressure on the knees, while swimming makes the perfect counterpart to that, allowing the body to float in the water without any prolonged strain.


HIIT, more commonly known as high intensity interval training, is a method of exercise designed to increase stamina in the fastest amount of time possible, with some experts believing that it’s better than even cardiovascular exercising. The idea behind HIIT is to exercise intensely for a relatively short period of time before cutting back on the intensity and allowing the body to recover. A good example of this would be running for 3 or 4 minutes, and then walking for two minutes.

The flexibility of HIIT makes it great for golfers, as it allows them to spend just a few minutes of their week working on their stamina without needing any equipment. It also means that exercises can be customised to fit any fitness level, or to match the amount of available time during a week that a person has available.