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It Might Be Time For A New Golf Club

It’s difficult to get rid of a beloved golf club. They’ve been with us during our best times on the course, as well as the worst. A golf club is also dependable. If you’ve had a long, hard day at work, you know you can rely on your clubs to relieve some stress. There are plenty of reasons that people eventually fall in love with their golf set. It might not make sense to others, but a set of clubs is like having a child in some ways.

No matter how much you love your club, there will come a time to say goodbye. A well-made club might not develop the same end-of-life symptoms. If you’ve got a quality club, it’s important to keep an eye out for certain signs

Start With The Spin

In recent years, golf manufacturers have focussed on lowering spin. But this wasn’t always the case. Most older clubs put way too much spin into the balls. If you happen to own a club that was before the mid-2010s, it might be throwing off your game.

Double check how old your club is before considering a new one. It can make quite a difference to upgrade to a newer club. You will know it’s an issue if your drives stop too quickly on the fairway.

General Wear And Tear

Of course, the spin might be a reliable indicator. This is why it’s worth checking the overall wear and tear of your club. The grip can have wear, although it is easy to replace. But if you notice damage to the metal itself, it’s time for an upgrade. This damage is most apparent in increased spin on the fairway, caused by grooves in the metal. Basically, if you notice that your drives are changing, it might be the club.

Repairs Are Possible

Not every sign of wear is a death sentence for the club. This is important to keep in mind if you want to repair rather than replace. One of the pieces that’s easy to replace is the insert of a putter. This is a simple replacement that costs just a few dollars.

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You’re Being Outcompeted

You might notice that you are slowly falling behind your playing partners. This could make you feel like you’re losing your skill. But it’s much more likely that your club is showing its age and wear. It could also represent the perfect time to start taking your club to an expert. An expert will tell if there are any age-related problems with your club.

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