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How A Golfer Can Look After Their Gear

There are a lot of golfers out there that don’t play that often and will simply hire the gear they need from the club, enjoy a few rounds on the course, and then go home.

But for most golfers, especially for those that are passionate about the sport, having a set of their own gear is usually a big investment, and one that they will want to last them for many years.

This is why it’s important to look after all of the pieces of gear that they have in their collection, allowing them to continue playing for as long as possible before having to purchase more items. Here we will look at some simple methods of maintaining a set of golf gear.

Regripping A Golf Club

Modern golf clubs usually come with composite grips that become damaged and worn the more that they are used, and from being outside under the sun all day, or when played in harsh weather, like rain. The grips will begin to disintegrate and make it difficult for the golfer to maintain their hold on the club when they are playing, which can seriously hinder their game. Fortunately, replacing the grip is easy and fairly simple to do, and doesn’t take any special tools.

The two tools that a golfer will need available is a craft knife and a vice, but they will also want some golf club resin, steel wool and new grips. After putting the club in the vice, take the knife and cut down on the grip, allowing for it to be easily removed. Remove the adhesive underneath, which is usually tape, until just the bare metal underneath is exposed.

Double-sided tape should then be applied to the shaft in a spiral fashion until it covers the entirety of the grip area. The new grip can then be applied, in much the same way, until the new grip has totally covered the shaft. Allow the clubs to sit in a dry and cool area until the tape has hardened, which also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the gaming action offered by mobile casinos in Canada.

Clean The Club Heads

During a few rounds of golf, it’s common for debris to become stuck in the grooves of the face of the club head, and it can affect how well the club is able to fire off balls. This is why it’s recommended that the player take the time after every session of golf to clean the club head, which can be done with a soft toothbrush, warm water and soap, and then a towel to dry off the club.

Keep The Clubs Dry

Moisture tends to cause the most damage to a golf club over time, which is why many golfers tend to carry a golf towel with them. Even if it hasn’t rained, it’s still a good idea to get into the habit of regularly cleaning off the clubs after rounds to remove moisture and prolong the life of the grips.

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