Keep Your Swing Straight & Your Mind Calm

Meditation Might Be Just What Your Game Needs

Mindfulness meditation, which is simply a practice of staying quietly in the present moment, has been shown to boost creativity, help us manage pain, and soothe anxiety, as well. The last may be the most important for golfers!

Professional players, as punters who enjoy their antics thanks to the online betting NZ and the rest of the globe makes so widely available will well know, have the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, and taking a feather from their caps could do your game a world of good.

Many Different Meditations to Choose From

There are as many different types of meditation as there are ways of playing golf. Some focus on repeating mantras, saying certain phrases, or even replaying particular numbers over and over in your mind, and you could test walking meditation, which will have you counting your footfalls.

You can also sit down somewhere quiet, keeping still and concentrating on the sounds around you.

Keep It Simple to Start With

If you’ve never meditated before, start off simply. Sit upright, but comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing, the flow of the air as it goes in your nose, enters your lungs, and then goes out again.

Experience your chest and stomach expanding, and, whenever your mind wanders, and it will, just bring your attention back to your breathing.

It’s Stars With Awareness

Michael Gervais, a psychologist whose clients include the Seattle Seahawks, says the point of meditating isn’t simply awareness, but the insights that come through as a result of dedicated practice of this kind of awareness.

Gervais says that the ultimate insight may well end up being the realisation that it’s just a game, but this understanding will come about by your starting to notice and really experience your emotions, your bodily sensations, and the environment around you.

It all comes down to starting to investigate what you’re noticing, and how you’re feeling, and practicing mindfulness for as little as ten minutes a day will see you starting to lean in to your more uncomfortable feelings, accepting them and processing them rather than trying to get away from them. That’s where the magic lies!

A little online research will reveal a wealth of meditations specifically for golfers. Have a look, find one that appeals to you, click the audio button and begin! It’s really as easy as that, and you will quickly start noticing improvements both on the course and off it.

Golf meditations will help you focus, and you will start playing better because your confidence is being built up and your mental approach is being improved.

You will be making some quite fundamental changes to the way you think, and the effects of these will include laser-like focus on your target, being able to concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time, and the release of unwarranted fears and anxieties, which can cripple you.

Many of the professional players on the PGA and LPGA tours, college players, and even top-rated amateurs understand how vital it is to work on and improve your mental approach to playing golf, and the importance of affirmations and positive imagery is becoming more evident all the time.

Meditation Techniques