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How To Choose The Perfect Golf Cart

For most golfers, a golf cart doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially if they don’t spend a lot of time walking around the course. But those golfers that do spend a lot of their free time playing the game and don’t enjoy walking through the hot sun as they make their way through the course might want to consider the purchase of a golf cart.

While relatively inexpensive considering what it is, a golf cart can make the game that much fun to play. Not only does it provide transport around the golf course, but it can also act as a holder for gear, and some golf carts even come with special accessories, such as a small fridge, perfect for keeping beverages cold. Here’s what to keep an eye out for when buying a new golf cart.

The Type Of Propulsion

Golf carts have been around for decades, and in that time, there have been a number of different kinds of engines used to push the cart forward. This means that a golfer has a choice of what powers their cart. Electric golf carts have always been popular, and generally hold enough charge to easily see a golfer make it through the day.

They’re also silent, and don’t require as much maintenance as the petrol alternative. Petrol-powered golf carts for have some advantages, however. They don’t need to spend hours and hours recharging, and they also tend to be more powerful than an electric cart. It’s ultimately up to what the golfer prefers, as well as the limit of their budget.

Choose A Brand

It might be tempting to buy a second-hand cart off an online advertisement board, but there are a lot of cheap carts in the world that were not designed to last a long time. As with most consumer goods, sometimes it’s better to aim for a well-known brand. Choosing a new cart with a brand not only means better overall quality, but often enough they come with extended warranties, so in the event that something does happen to the cart, the owner has means of getting it sorted out at no cost to themselves.

Some of the more popular brands of golf cart include: Club Car, Taylor Dunn, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, E-Z-GO, and Cushman. Make sure to compare prices between the different brands and choose one that’s the friendliest to the budget, although costs can usually be covered after winning big with real money slots a few times.

Optional Extras

When searching for a cart, it’s fairly common for an optional list of extras to be added to the buying options. Golf carts are fairly customisable, and the number of extras that can be added is almost endless.

Some popular extras include fridges, extra storage, a compact sound system, full wrap-around windows for bad weather, GPS navigation, better lighting, and so much more. Sometimes it’s better to buy the cart first and then add extras afterwards to get a cheaper overall price.

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