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Tips for Choosing Golf Shoes

When choosing a golf shoe it is important to consider the style, type of sole, support, flexibility and stability.  Before shopping for golf shoes it is also important to consider where you will be playing and also the conditions.  Being comfortable is an important aspect of choosing a golf shoe.

Spiked or Non-Spiked

There are spiked or non-spiked golf shoes and this will depend on the type of terrain.  If the shoes are going to be spiked, it is best to choose plastic spikes.  Spikes offer extra traction and are great for climbing hilly terrain and for rainy weather.

They give more support and stability.  Spikeless golf shoes have small rubber lugs that also give traction and work better on flat, dry surfaces.  They are lighter and offer more comfort.


There are two basic styles, dress-style shoes and modern sneaker type.  There are also sandals.  Traditional shoes are usually made of genuine leather and are waterproof.  They offer a classic look and are a great addition to a golf outfit.

They usually have spikes and are durable.  This style needs more care.  Modern spiked golf shoes have the look of an everyday running shoe while the spikeless ones look more like casual everyday shoes.  Both styles are lightweight and offer more flexibility than traditional shoes.  Golf sandals are often worn in warmer weather and can be worn for more casual golf games.  They are lightweight and comfortable, but not ideal for bad weather.

Type of Material

The material of the shoe is also important and contributes to the level of comfort, performance and durability.  Natural leather is popular and is not only durable; waterproof they also mould to fit the foot.  It is important to buy a good quality leather shoe that may cost a bit more of your winnings from playing at Lucky Nugget Casino Canada, but are well worth it.

Synthetic leather shoes are lighter and more flexible and are much cheaper.  Taking care of them is easier, but they are less durable and not as water resistant or breathable as real leather.

There are golf shoes that are either water-resistant and those that are waterproof.  Some people think they mean the same thing, but water-resistant means that they repel water up to a certain point while waterproof means that that the water does not penetrate at all.

The majority of real leather shoes are waterproof while synthetic leather is water-resistant.  It is possible to apply water-resistant coatings to golf shoes, which will make a shoe more resistant to water.


For better stability a golf shoe should fit more snugly midfoot.  The shoe should not allow for any movement, just some movement for the toes.  The arch should be well supported as well as offer lateral support.

The upper of the shoe will give an indication of lateral support and should be tough at the midfoot and flexible in the forefoot.  The midsole should be both comfortable and durable and a good option is memory foam or orthotic soles which will offer extra support.

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