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The Top Gadgets Every Golfer Will Love

Golf is a game that encourages its players to constantly learn, grow, and improve, and there’s no better way of doing that than by being out on the course as often as possible. It’s a game that requires dedication and hard work, and while improvements come incrementally, the player will eventually begin to see the fruits of their labour.

One way to make the game a lot more convenient and less stressful is by investing in one of these incredibly handy gadgets that are designed to make every game as enjoyable as possible.

Light Up Golf Balls

Golf is almost always played during the day due to the superior lighting conditions, but not everyone has the time off from their work or from home to be able to play during the day, meaning that they are forced to often play at night. This can be almost impossible, but light up golf balls can make the game much easier to play, even on the darkest of nights. They come in a variety of different colours, and use LEDs to keep the balls lit up for up to 8 minutes once it’s activated with a strike.

Golf Ball Retriever

Bending over to pick up the ball might not seem like a big deal, but for older golfers, the constant motion of bending down can start to take a toll on their joints. Luckily, this can be made easy and quick with a simple golf ball retriever, such as the Callaway Golf Pocket Ball Retriever. It extends the reach of the player to be able to retrieve their ball from the hole, or from getting it out of water or a tree.

Rover Auto Golf Caddie

The Rover Autonomous Golf Caddie is a specialised little robot that is able to follow the golfer around the course. They caddy carries all of their equipment, including their smartphone or laptop in case they want to enjoy some AFL premiership betting between swings, is able to seed fairway divots, holds a variety of drinks, and can supply the golfer’s yardages. In order for it to work, the golfer will need to attach a special transceiver to their belt, which the caddie will use to follow them around automatically.

Voice Caddie GPS

This incredibly nifty, hands free device is perfect for anyone that needs information about the courses they visit, or any that they want to visit in the future. The GPS is preloaded with the world’s most popular courses, and gives the golfer constant updates on the location of the course, information on the distances to the centre of the green, as well as shot measurements. Along with this, it’s fully capable of hole and course recognition, and unlike most GPS services, it’s not necessary to pay for an annual subscription in order for it to work properly.

Swiss Army Knife Golf Tool

Like most Swiss Army gear, this little tool comes with everything that a golfer could need while on the course, including a groove cleaner, tee punch, and ball marker.

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