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What To Know About Golf Clubs

The golf club is an integral part of playing golf. It’s the piece of gear that a golfer uses to swing and hit a ball with the ultimate goal of getting that ball into the hole at the end of the course. Golf clubs have undergone a number of transformations over the last few hundred years that golf has been a sport – starting out as little more than a stick and evolving into the high quality, precision tools that we have at our disposal today.

If you’re brand new to the game of golf, one of the first things that you will want to learn is what a golf club consists of and how it works, so keep reading as we dive deeper into the exciting anatomy and usage of modern golf clubs.

The Shaft

The shaft is comprised of a pole that acts as the connector between the handle of the club and the head. Today, most golf club shafts are made of either stainless steel or graphite, although it’s also possible for them to be made of a mix of different alloys, depending on what they are being used for. Graphite tends to be the most common material for drivers, which need to be both strong and fast.

The flex of the shaft refers to the ability of the shaft to flex when faced with wind resistance as well as then it strikes the ball, and this flexibility not only allows for stronger drives, but also removes the chance of the shaft cracking under high stress.

The Grip

Without the grip, the golf club would be impossible to hold on to when making a swing. This is why almost all golf clubs have a rubber grip that is typically glued on to the top of the shaft. The grip is usually around 8 inches in length, although they can come in various sizes, depending on the usage of the club as well as what is most comfortable with the golfer. If you have larger hands, you will find that a thicker grip will be beneficial, and thicker grips are often more common among putters to help the golfer retain their grip while putting.

The clubhead

The clubhead is the part of the club that makes contact with the ball and therefore needs to be quite strong. They were originally made from wood, but have since been upgraded to stronger materials, such as metal, although it’s not uncommon to find some clubs still being made with wood.

While it may look fairly simple on the surface, there’s actually a lot of design that goes into a clubhead, which is why they can also be very expensive – and make for a great excuse to start playing online slot casino games for extra cash. It needs to be able not just to hit the ball, but to do so in a way that keeps the ball going straight while obtaining as much distance as possible.

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