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What Exactly Is The Yips?

As long as there has been professional athletes, there has been the inexplicable curse of the yips. You may have heard about it, or even possibly experienced it. But what is the yips, really? How does it work, and more importantly, can it be overcome?

The yips, very simply, is a term used to describe the sudden, seemingly unmotivated loss of skill in otherwise professional athletes. It can strike without warning, and leave the highly skilled athlete suddenly unable to perform tasks they were extremely competent at. For example, a golfer may suddenly find that they are completely incapable of putting. Though, just a day, or even a few hours prior, they may have been one of the best putters on the planet.

So, how does this happen?

Psychological Or Physical?

First and foremost, there is no real, solid medical reasoning behind the yips. At least according to most researchers. Many agree that it is simply a matter of the athlete having a psychological breakdown. This may be caused by stress, immense pressure, or other factors, resulting in the athlete simply collapsing mentally. Though, interestingly enough, the athlete may even seem otherwise completely stable. Yet, somehow, be unable to perform at even a middling level in their chosen sport. It is a truly bizarre conundrum.

Others argue that there is a level of medical explanation in some cases. For example, a sudden chemical change occurring in the brain, or muscle spasms. Since, as far as golf goes, the yips generally seems to strike those who have been playing for 25 years or more, it may be linked to the natural process of aging. But this is not confirmed, and the yips remains a rather fascinating mystery.

Can An Athlete Recover?

So is there recovering from the yips, or should anyone who has been struck by it simply give up the sport, and settle in for a some gambling at https://megacasinobonuses.co.nz/ instead?

Champion golfer Tommy Armour described that after being struck by an incurable case of the yips, he simply had to give up playing professionally entirely. He decided instead to be a golf teacher, and never returned to the game again on any professional level. World famous Tiger Woods, as another example, who was once considered the best on the planet, gradually fell to becoming a middling golfer at best, after he was struck by both the driving, and putting yips. At least according to remarks by commentators.

However, many do recover, and go on to have exceptional careers as athletes. Successful treatment, however, has not been universally accepted.

What To Do?

If the yips really is simply psychological, and it almost certainly is in most cases, any number of steps may help. Changing clubs, practicing with different techniques, and even taking some time off all may provide relief. But, once again, there is no sure fire way to overcome the condition.

It might simply be a case of the athlete finding their own cure, whatever it may be. Good luck, if you are looking for our own.