Keep Your Swing Straight & Your Mind Calm

The Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is not the most exercise-intensive sport in the world, but it does still offer its players a variety of health benefits. For those wanting

Common Golf Injuries And How To Prevent Them

www.onlinecasino.net.nz/ Golfing is a physical sport that can put a lot of physical strain on the player, especially due to the many repetitive motions that

5 Positive Effects Meditation Has On Your Brain

Plenty of research has been done into meditation over the past few decades – and more specifically, how it can affect our brains for the

The Top Supplements for Regular Golfers

There are a whole host of different health supplements that are recommended to boost athletes’ performance, stamina, and overall health – and the good news

Psychology Tips for Better Golf

Mere mortals mostly can’t afford luxuries like mind-doctors dedicated to getting our golf games up to scratch. But there are some psychological pointers available free

The 6 Best Exercises for Golfers

Most golfers who experience pain after playing will likely assume there’s something wrong with their swing, but the more likely cause is weakness and inflexibility.

The Top Five Golf Irons On The Market

Building up a good selection of gear before heading out on to the course can make all the difference for those new players trying to

Tips for Choosing Golf Shoes

When choosing a golf shoe it is important to consider the style, type of sole, support, flexibility and stability.  Before shopping for golf shoes it

5 Exercises for Increased Flexibility in Golf

Flexibility may the most crucial factor in the making of a successful golfer. A solid, powerful swing is defined by the ‘x-factor’ or the relationship

The Positive Effect of Meditation on Golf

Many sports psychologists rank golf as one of – if not the most – mentally demanding sports of all as it requires high levels of

Why is Golf So Popular?

Golf is a bit of a special case in the sporting world. Where most sports rely on having a number of players or having various